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Explore the Old City in Bucharest

Down the cobblestone

Why the Old Town is the best place to stay in Bucharest? (part II)

The mysterious charm of the historic churches

In some hidden street corners, behind big buildings, you will discover tiny churches and chapels that date from the 17th and 18th centuries.

With elaborate indoor wall paintings and frescoes and a blend of elements of Byzantine and Renaissance styles, those churches are beautiful representations of the Eastern Orthodox ecclesiastical architecture.

The most renowned is the Stavropoleos Church, located on the street with the same name, just near another well known historic building, Caru' cu Bere. Other churches to visit include St. Anton Church, the oldest church in Bucharest dating from 16th century, as well as Antim Church, Doamnei Church, or Saint Demetrius Church.

Visit Stavropoleos Church in Bucharest Historic Old Town!

Cutting edge design and contemporary art

If you enjoy discovering new artists and art in general, there are some very nice galleries to visit near the Old Town. The Galateca Gallery (with its shop, Neogalateca) is a multidisciplinary art and design gallery, located near The National Museum of Art.

Zorzini Gallery displays Romanian contemporary art in an industrial space of 170 sqm, ODD includes both Romanians and international artists and focuses on installations and performances, while Elite Gallery features contemporary art and the works of "Balcic painters", one of the most important modern art projects.

Carturesti Carusel Bookstore

Lose yourself among more than 10,000 books in this amazing "space for lecture, culture, socializing and artistic exploration", as Carturesti Carousel describes itself. On six levels that make for 1000 sqm, the bookstore includes also a bistro, a modern art gallery and a multimedia space.

"... but nothing that the local Barnes&Noble rolls out will ever compare to this beautiful bookstore in Romania transformed from a monument. They

claim it's a bookstore but it looks kind of how I envision heaven" writes one of  


Some of the top endorsements for Bucharest by travellers are architecture, food and museums. On Calea Victoriei, the main route that borders The Old Town, you can find The Romanian History Museum, considered the most important museum of the Romanian state. It has artifacts from prehistoric times up to modern times and permanent displays that include the Romanian Crown Jewels and the Pietroasele treasure. The Municipal History Museum - also called The Sutu Palace -  is one of the oldest aristocratic residences in Bucharest and a host of exhibitions that present the history of the city. Both the Romanian History Museum and Bucharest History Museum are located in the Old Town, at a 10 min walking distance from each other.

We hope you liked the recommendations. As we are one of the few Bucharest Old Town hotels, we know the history and the story behind the most important city landmarks, some of them loaded with historic and cultural significance.

Ask the hotel concierge for personalized recommendations during your stay at Europa Royale, your favourite Bucharest Old Town hotel, and enjoy the tour!


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