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5 easy steps plan for your city break to Bucharest

September is one of the best months to travel. The weather is just perfect: it's not too hot, and it does not get too chilly either. If you miss the summer holiday fun and you are looking to take a short trip away to someplace new and exciting, consider choosing Bucharest, Romania. All one needs for a fantastic long weekend is a reservation for an exclusive, yet convenient accommodation, in a surprising capital city. Plan a Bucharest city break and enjoy this season’s beauty!

Here’s a list to consider when planning a Bucharest city break, whether you are here on business or on holiday:

Research the destination 

Bucharest, also known as "Little Paris", is a modern destination and has been featured by CNN as “one of the most promising capitals in the European Union”. It is the center of Romanian media, culture, and art. In the recent years, the city has experienced a cultural and economical boom. The crime rate in Bucharest is fairly low, making it one of the safest capitals in Europe. Find out more about Bucharest here and here.


Choose the perfect accommodation

Most people prefer to be accommodated in the city center, close to  the most important sights. If you are also looking for style and comfort, besides a convenient location, choose a hotel on a popular street in the old city center, as a perfect starting point for a number of Bucharest city break activities. You will find cafes, nightclubs, restaurants, museums and even a 18th century monastery, Stavropoleos, within walking distance!


Pack accordingly

September is the mildest month of autumn. There is plenty of daylight, so you can spend hours walking around Bucharest, discovering its unique architectural charm and beautiful parks. Pack your favourite shirts, t-shirts, trousers and short sleeved dresses, but make sure to also have a cardigan or blazer with you, for when the evening comes.


Get ready to go out, and enjoy the nightlife in Bucharest!

The clubs and restaurants in the old city center offer tasty dishes and cocktails, and you can dance late into the night in popular and stylish clubs or rooftop bars during your Bucharest city break. The old town center has no curfew during the weekend, and this is one of the reasons why Bucharest is on the map of the best European party capital cities. Bucharest is a joyous place, populated by people who know how to have a good time. During your Bucharest city break, head over for dinner and drinks at restaurant Mica Elveție in the old city. Also in the area, Nomad Skybar has cool rooftop parties. Linea/Closer to the Moon is a more swanky rooftop bar, just outside the old town center. Farther away, at Romexpo near Herăstrău Park, 18 lounge offers dinner with a view from the 18th floor. Bucharest from above is incredible, so be sure to check out the view!


Make a list of all the must see attractions

Throughout the city, there are many historical monuments, so there are plenty of things to see. Expect the unexpected during your short breaks to Bucharest! The city's architecture is an eclectic mix of Neo-Classical, Art Deco and Bauhaus, Communist-era and modern buildings. The most important ones are The Palace of Parliament, second largest administrative building in the world after The Pentagon, the CEC Palace - built in eclectic style, Cantacuzino Palace, one of the most beautiful buildings in Bucharest, the Romanian Athenaeum - a neoclassical concert hall, and many others. Showcasing traditional Romanian rural life, the Village Museum is an open-air ethnographic museum. One thing is for sure, there are many interesting sights for you to discover on a Bucharest city break!


Short breaks to Bucharest are the key to an exciting city break adventure!

A Bucharest city break is like a breath of fresh air, especially when accommodated in the right hotel. Whatever your choice is for activities to do during your short breaks to Bucharest, Europa Royale hotel in the Old City is thrilled to welcome you with a lovely accommodation experience. Check out our rooms and visit us now!


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The best malls in Bucharest

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Bucharest City Break Athenaeum

5 easy steps plan for your city break to Bucharest

Bucharest city breaks are most welcome during September. Enjoy the lovely weather in an exciting capital city, and explore unique attractions. Short breaks to Bucharest at Europa Royale Bucharest will make your autumn unforgettable!



Europa Royale: your business home away from home

Do you often travel for business and prefer staying in historic buildings over minimalist, modern accommodation?

Things to do in Bucharest

Must see attractions and other things to do in Bucharest

There are plenty of things to do in Bucharest! The capital city of Romania has many sights to see, an active nightlife culture and delicious food to taste. Book a room at Europa Royale and enjoy a wonderful experience in a great city!


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Plan well what to do in Bucharest if you only have one day

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Mica Elveție (Little Switzerland) organized in a hotel in the old city center of Bucharest

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