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Mica Elveție (Little Switzerland) organized in a hotel in the old city center of Bucharest

This being said, Mica Elveție (Little Switzerland) restaurant, located within hotel Europa Royale, in the old city center of Bucharest, remains constant and this feels truly comforting. For years now customers know this is a place where good food is being served, and services promptly complete this happy gastronomic experience. 

The old city center of Bucharest is an area frequently used by business people for meetings; Mica Elveție restaurant, placed at the hotel’s ground floor, is advantageously located right in the heart of the old city center. The restaurant benefits from a lot of natural light and its generous windows allow oneself to relax spotting people passing by in a hurry.

During the day, it is a quiet place where you can have a talk at ease. The fact that our restaurant discreetly offers its clients the same atmosphere day by day, with no abrupt changes and exhausting experiments, is one of the key reasons a lot of the business lunches take place here. During great summer days you can always eat out, on the terrace. Our restaurant takes good care in matching its menu with the weather.

Depending on the season you have lunch here, you might discover Mica Elveție is cooking with the pale pink freshness of cherry blossoms. In summertime chances are that you are welcomed with a special bite of freshness à la carte. Once autumn has settled in the restaurant, you immediately understand that all the fruits and vegetables coming from orchards and gardens have been recently picked. As for wintertime, well, in wintertime you will enjoy a reacher menu, well suited for a dynamic and really urban lifestyle. 

You will most probably come again to have some more of the Swiss chef Jakob Hausmann’s enthusiasm. The recipes he is working with are Swiss, but what comes out of his hands is a different story: these plates arriving from the kitchen are creative and have a unique touch. Chef Jakob Hausmann comes to work every day with a lot of energy and makes sure his dishes keep the delicious and sophisticated standard his clients are already used to. His efforts are confirmed by the restaurant’s presence in top 10 preferences on TripAdvisor.

Someday when you will be visiting us, we highly recommend that you try the beef steak on hot stone prepared right in front of you; he is preparing this dish for 14 years now in Romania and is not at all tired. With Jakob Hausmann, author of four cooking books and a chef who prepared exquisite food for Jean Claude Van Damme, Pink or Steven Seagal, you are on good hands, so you can concentrate on the rest of the things that matter.

If you decide to come to the old city center of Bucharest on lunchtime, we are waiting for you here, at our hotel. Don’t forget to order dessert. 

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