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Europa Royale Hotel

Historical Bucharest


Perfect for holidays and business trips
We are both at the heart of Bucharest’s high life and at the gates of the Old Town - extremely close to many touristic and cultural attractions, as well as coffee shops, restaurants, business centres and transport hubs. An indoor garden with natural light. Modern comfort and cutting-edge facilities. Balconies with great views of the fascinating cityscape. Efficient services for conferences and events. Everything, just a few steps away from the Old Town, with its chic cafés and cobbled streets, steeped in history.


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    Standard Single Atrium View

    Fresh design in brown and beige. Double bed, free Wi-Fi, a desk and a view to the interior garden. These rooms are ideal for short or medium stays in Bucharest.
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    Standard Double Atrium View

    With a larger area than the Standard Single, this double room is equipped with a double bed and a relaxation area. The bathrooms have bathtubs or showers and a view to the interior garden.
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    Standard Double Street View

    With an extralarge double bed, cable TV and a desk, this elegant room is perfectly tailored to the wishes of the business traveller in Bucharest. Surprising view - feel the vibrant flow of the city!
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    Twin Standard Street View

    A view to the old landmark building - Manuc's Inn. A room with an intimate feeling and a relaxation area. Twin beds, air conditioning, a wardrobe and a minibar.
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    Queen Deluxe Room

    A balcony with a panoramic view over Unirii Park or Unirii Boulevard, captivating in any season. Natural light, a desk and a relaxation area. Spacious bathroom with a bathtub.
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    Junior Suite

    Stylish and bright, the apartments at Europa Royale Bucharest are equipped with an extralarge double bed, flat screen TV and a coffee machine. Plus: the urban landscape only adds to the charm.
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    Suite with Balcony

    The joy of seeing The Old Princely Court, built by Vlad III the Impaler in 1459, from your window, alongside the vibrating city. Panoramic views, a balcony, a minibar, air conditioning and an extralarge double bed.
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      Why the Old Town is the best place to stay in Bucharest? (part I)

      Be it for business or leisure, we are looking for the best option in terms of (preferably) central accommodation, access to public transportation and touristic attractions. 

      The best area to stay in Bucharest as a tourist is definitely the Old Town, also known as "Centrul Vechi", the historic centre. For CNN Travel, the Old Town is "one of the liveliest nightlife zones in Europe" and the top reason to come visit Bucharest while BBC finds is "a charming, walkable quarter with enough worthy distractions to keep you occupied for the day and enough bars and clubs to ensure you never have to sleep."

      Central Accommodation in Bucharest near the Old Town - Europa Royale

      But is it more to the Old Town than the pubs, bars and all night parties? We believe so, therefore we put together a list of unique points of interest at a walking distance from the hotel. Discover them during your visit in Bucharest and let us know which ones were your favourites!

      Strada Franceza

      Start your walk with a stroll down on "Strada Franceza" (French Street), right where Europa Royale hotel is located, and discover one of the oldest streets in Bucharest. The first street to be paved with cobblestone in 1860, it became known as the "French Street" when the French Consul in Bucharest took up his residence here. Associated with brilliant bridal parties, as well as the great fire from 1847, was also named "The High Court Street" as this is where the old royal court was founded.

      The Old Princely Court

      Located on the French Street, at a two-minute distance from the hotel, the Old Princely Court is the the oldest medieval monument in Bucharest. It was a palace and court (Palatul Curtea Veche) and ground zero, the place where the city started growing around. It is also the place of the first reign of Vlad Ţepeş, a Romanian leader that ruled Valachia between 1459 and 1462. Although his name might not say much to you, it is very probable that you know him from his more famous fictional character alter-ego, Dracula. You can visit the Court everyday from Monday to Sunday, between 10:00 – 18:00.

      Hanul Lui Manuc

      Just across the street there is "Manuc's Inn", a Romanian commercial and cultural landmark, also known as the meeting point for travellers from Transylvania, Ottoman Empire and Europe. The building was completely renovated to restore the original Brancovenesc style and it is open to public, hosting occasional cultural shows and culinary events in its beautiful indoor garden.

      To be continued.

      Manuc Inn - Bucharest


      Why the Old Town is the best place to stay in Bucharest? (part II)

      The mysterious charm of the historic churches

      In some hidden street corners, behind big buildings, you will discover tiny churches and chapels that date from the 17th and 18th centuries.

      With elaborate indoor wall paintings and frescoes and a blend of elements of Byzantine and Renaissance styles, those churches are beautiful representations of the Eastern Orthodox ecclesiastical architecture.

      The most renowned is the Stavropoleos Church, located on the street with the same name, just near another well known historic building, Caru' cu Bere. Other churches to visit include St. Anton Church, the oldest church in Bucharest dating from 16th century, as well as Antim Church, Doamnei Church, or Saint Demetrius Church.

      Visit Stavropoleos Church in Bucharest Historic Old Town!

      Cutting edge design and contemporary art

      If you enjoy discovering new artists and art in general, there are some very nice galleries to visit near the Old Town. The Galateca Gallery (with its shop, Neogalateca) is a multidisciplinary art and design gallery, located near The National Museum of Art.

      Zorzini Gallery displays Romanian contemporary art in an industrial space of 170 sqm, ODD includes both Romanians and international artists and focuses on installations and performances, while Elite Gallery features contemporary art and the works of "Balcic painters", one of the most important modern art projects.

      Carturesti Carusel Bookstore

      Lose yourself among more than 10,000 books in this amazing "space for lecture, culture, socializing and artistic exploration", as Carturesti Carousel describes itself. On six levels that make for 1000 sqm, the bookstore includes also a bistro, a modern art gallery and a multimedia space.

      "... but nothing that the local Barnes&Noble rolls out will ever compare to this beautiful bookstore in Romania transformed from a monument. They

      claim it's a bookstore but it looks kind of how I envision heaven" writes one of  


      Some of the top endorsements for Bucharest by travellers are architecture, food and museums. On Calea Victoriei, the main route that borders The Old Town, you can find The Romanian History Museum, considered the most important museum of the Romanian state. It has artifacts from prehistoric times up to modern times and permanent displays that include the Romanian Crown Jewels and the Pietroasele treasure. The Municipal History Museum - also called The Sutu Palace -  is one of the oldest aristocratic residences in Bucharest and a host of exhibitions that present the history of the city. Both the Romanian History Museum and Bucharest History Museum are located in the Old Town, at a 10 min walking distance from each other.

      We hope you liked the recommendations. As we are one of the few Bucharest Old Town hotels, we know the history and the story behind the most important city landmarks, some of them loaded with historic and cultural significance.

      Ask the hotel concierge for personalized recommendations during your stay at Europa Royale, your favourite Bucharest Old Town hotel, and enjoy the tour!


      Hanul lui Manuc

      Hanul lui Manuc

      The original inn was built in 1808 and is one of the most famous landmarks of the city. With lounges, basements, shops, sheds and rooms inspired by rural Romania, it manages to successfully recreate the atmosphere of a Romanian village. Located right across from the hotel, the inn also hosts a traditional restaurant and a patio where a small coffee shop and a water fountain used to be. A well-deserved break after your historical walk!

      Curtea Veche

      Curtea Veche

      Fragments of brick walls and a medieval air. This is the archaeological site of the first royal court of Bucharest, and we are privileged to be its neighbours. Our windows have a view to the ruins of the Voievodal Palace, built between 1386-1418 by Mircea cel Bătrân himself, and to the Curtea Veche church, with its brown and yellow facade, that bathe the urban landscape in golden shades. Inside de the courtyard there is a museum that preserves most of the place’s 18th century atmosphere. Although it’s momentarily closed for restoration work, the museum is nevertheless an invitation to discover Bucharest’s first street - Franceză Street, once a royal dirt road, today - the location of our hotel!

      Stavropoleos Church

      Stavropoleos Church

      Built in 1724, the church offers the chance of a truly historical experience right in the heart of the city. Featuring a Wallachian Renaissance style, with floral window decorations, stone sculptures and a well preserved original fresco. An original royal chair in the Fanariot style. A library with many theology, art and history books, with manuscripts and prints as well. And, last but not least, a famous choir that performs at numerous musical festivals. Just take a walk and enjoy the attractions close to our hotel!

      National History Museum

      National History Museum

      Only a 6 minute walk from the hotel will send you right into the fabulous world of historical treasures. The royal crown and sceptre, a copy of the famous Trajan’s Column in Rome, and many other antique, medieval and modern pieces. All of this in a palace building built around 1900 on Calea Victoriei, a boulevard that hosts many other architectural monuments, churches and theatres.

      The National Museum of Art of Romania

      The National Museum of Art of Romania

      For more than 200 years, this landmark has not been touched. And it’s just minutes away from the hotel, on Calea Victoriei.The royal interior decorations, the ceremonial vibe and the historical elements are the proof that the aristocratic lifestyle is still alive in the centre of the city. Discover the most important Romanian, European and Oriental art, numerous temporary exhibitions and guided tours of the former Throne Hall.

      The Palace of the Parliament

      The Palace of the Parliament

      The only building so large, that you can see it from any part of the city! But one of the most controversial buildings in Bucharest, as well, as it hides many secrets and urban legends. The second largest building in the world after the Pentagon, it has an area of 330.000 square meters, 1.100 rooms, 23 buildings, 9 underground levels and is 86 meters high. Started in 1984, it was the team effort of a 700 architects team, and is visited daily by tourists who are curious to see what the worlds’ most expensive building looks like. It’s a 7 minute drive away from the hotel and impossible to miss.

                      Lobby Bar

      “Mica Elveție” Restaurant

      Culinary mastership in a Swiss Restaurant! A picturesque setting and a seasonal menu with traditional specialties. Lunches or dinners with fondue and raclette, prepared right at your table. These are the ingredients with which Chef Jakob Hausmann will win your heart.

      The lobby bar is in the same area as the restaurant and is perfect to reinvigorate any meeting with coffee breaks and drinks.

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      Restaurant opening hours:
      Breakfast: 7:00 - 10:00
      Breakfast on weekends: 8:00 - 11:00
      Lunch / Dinner:
      Monday-Saturday: 12.00 - 24.00
      Sunday- closed.

      Bar opening hours:
      Monday-Friday: 07.00 - 24.00
      Saturday-Sunday: 08.00 - 24.00



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